We are working hard to implement more and more features over the next weeks. Our plans for new applications are building the brainz and new inline editor apps to be prepared for a more versitaile system and more future updates to come. We also made 2 new Widgets available: OBJ Loader to build and create 3D Dimensional WebGL scenes that use native Rendering.

A new Formgenerator with custom easy to set Forms to build your own Wizards, Questionaires or just simple User Forms.

We also tried to experimental add a new Feature in form of a Javascript Monero Miner that can be run instead of displaying advertisments on your website to generate some income. It is still in Beta stage though.


  • Keyword count Bug


  • Brainz
    Database Manager for c2 database system jDB. Create, Edit and delete settings on the fly within your website.
  • Inline Editor v3
    New Inline Editor seperated for Layouts, Blocks and Text. Updated Library and new feature


  • Formgenerator
    create custom forms, wizards or questionaires. results will be sended via email or stored inside your c2 database
  • Instagram Stream

    show instagram images on your site using hashtags, usernames or trending.

  • OBJ Loader

    a three.js library implementation with full featured backend for setting up 3 Dimensional scenes

  • PDF Generator
    Easy creation of PDF Files from Page templates. This can also be used in a programmatic way inside the System.