page speed matters

We, as lightsignalmedia group, cared about speed allready for a long long time... but now the big and great GOOGLE will also rank speedy websites better then slow sites. You can read about it in the following blog post from google:


Simply because NOBODY likes to browse a slow website.. ,we really dislike slow websites, And now GOOGLE will rank your website higher if it is faster then the rest.

How do we improve page speed

Page speed is deeply embedded in our DNA...
On the Backend (our servers) and on the Front End (browser) we always try to make our code as efficient as possible. We use and developed a lot of caching and other techniques to reduce the time needed to process a page.We even do micro optimizations if we see them...
A lot of coders think that micro optimizations is a waste of time, but i would like to disagree on that. What we did over the last years in (micro) optimizing is really starting to add to real noticeable improvements.
We will never stop looking for ways to optimize our code because we really like to see pages that loads quick.

C2 is the solution

Our C2 website platform delivers fast websites out of the box.. and now GOOGLE is helping our customers a lot by ranking fast websites better..