It has been a while since I wrote a blog article... but that does NOT mean we didn't do anything... :)


  • Improved security:
    On OUR jDB API's we added token security..
    We fixed a couple of things on the password recovery
    We added Brute Force counter measures on the logins.
  • We added proper 304 handling on the jDB API (improved efficiency)
  • We did major work on the shop and how that works:
    Expanded the default shoparticle fields, made SEO improvements for article pages.
  • Impoved seo url's
  • Made it possible to create 'virtual' pages with e.g. shop products
  • On the front End:
    we got now settings on the columns ... YEAHHHH
  • Made some improvements for stability:
    Disable uninstall for some required plugins.
    Made reinstall plugin features
  • E-Mail capabilitie improvements
  • Added new features to the Files application:
    Zip, Download
  • Fixed a lot of bugs:
    Large filedownload bug
    CSS fixes on multiple parts
    and a lot more....

I probably forgot a few things...